About Abshire United

The best art is that which evokes emotion—it makes us feel something and most times, the feeling itself does not really matter. The act of feeling in and of itself is the powerful part. Really take a moment and think about your favorite songs, movies, books, etc. They are our favorites because they make us feel something.

"I believe in the power of emotional honesty and truth."

The best art is the most personal. It is when we are allowed the privilege to witness people’s most vulnerable moments. We are impressed by their bravery and their willingness to reveal the most precious parts of themselves. They are our favorites because we can identify with them and feel this incredible “me too” kinship. Something resonates within us.

"I believe in the strength and beauty of diversity."

The best art happens when we are vulnerable. It also happens when we are invited to witness artists facing their own pains and vulnerabilities and then turn them into healing and places of strength. That is powerful and stays with us long after we stop watching. Again the sense of “me too” returns. If they can, I can.

"I believe that challenge is necessary and the best path to breakthrough."

I created Abshire United to explore the process of self-healing through art and the mediums of film, television, and the written word. I seek to both share my work with others and to help others achieve these same ideals. From creative copywriting to screenwriter coaching to project consultation, let me help you create your best works of art. Get in Touch

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