Creative project consultation

Do you have ideas floating in your head that you don’t seem to know how to capture? Do you have a project you’ve been dying to get off the ground but you feel overwhelmed or stuck? That sense of feeling like a great project is just out of your reach can be incredibly frustrating. Let me work with you to bring your creative project to life. Let me listen with discernment to your ideas and help you flesh out your project.

I offer a free introductory session to evaluate our compatibility. We will work from there to design a plan for the scope of the work. 

A typical cycle: 

  • Introductory meeting
  • Both parties evaluate the desire to work together
  • Scope of work meeting
  • Brainstorming session where I learn more about you and what you hope to accomplish with your project
  • Assist you in breaking the project into manageable pieces
  • Assist you generating deadlines
  • Facilitate your work the most effective way for you

We will remain in close contact and you will always be aware of what is happening. I always strive to communicate clearly.