About Nichole

I tried many careers and spent ten years as an elementary school teacher before giving myself permission to be an artist. I have always admired the work of story tellers and love the marriage between the visual and the literary in the form of screenplays. The desire to know the experience of an actor performing a writer’s words led me to an acting class. This acting exploration ignited an additional artistic fire. These days I can be found facilitating a nourishing screenwriter’s group and stretching myself as an actor in auditions and class. I have had the privilege of doing a variety of acting work from commercials to film and performed in my first play in the Spring of 2017. I still hope to write a masterpiece and know that keeping the company of writers is the surest way to make that happen.

"Creating art is a self-healing process. It fosters growth, empowerment and self-love."


I have written five screenplays and continue that quest.


I am represented by Jessica Hovind at Variant Talent. More information can be found here.


In 2017, I co-directed a short documentary about a personal experience called Coles Manor that was accepted into the Rockport Film Festival.


I am developing a podcast with my sister called A Tale of Two Sisters. More information coming soon.