My Artistic Statement (from my Sundance application)

Throughout my adult life, I sought and found comfort in the arts because they allowed me to understand my most personal truths in productive and tangible ways. It might be through a resonant scene or a completed piece. But it hasn’t always been sunny. I spent a period trying to negotiate with myself and the Universe. I attempted to sneakily redefine what personal meant in my work to avoid vulnerability. I tried my hand at a looser definition meaning I only had to do work that I was “personally” interested in. It is not surprising to me now, but that work was flat and easy to walk away from.

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Revision Insights From My Novel

What round of revisions am I currently in on my romance novel? I’ve almost lost track. Let’s see, let me trace it back. I completed my first draft over the summer which was a magical and fulfilling process for me.

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Nichole Abshire